shaktipat Initiation

Awakening the Kundalini energy through Master (Shaktipat Guru) is called Shaktipat Initiation or energy Awakening

Shaktipat Initiation is the Movement of energy from the Master to the student in the process of Kundalini Awakening. Shaktipat initiation will bring student’s energy active and stable as master had already experienced in same Path. A true guru can Initiate Kundalini Energy ( energy Awakening ) through Shaktipat and leads student in to path of Total Consciousness.


The aerial route to salvation is traversed through SHAKTIPAT. Lord Krishna, the Hindu God, the author of song celestial “Shreemad Bhagwat Gita” was called YOGESHWAR, the Lord of YOGA. He has described various Yoga-s in “Bhagwat Gita”. He has given enough indications as to how yoga should be approached and the benefits thereof. By transfer of energy (SHAKTIPAT) he granted divine vision to Arjun,  who then  could  see the VIRAAT-RUPA and VISHWA RUPA of the Lord. The same technique of SHAKTIPAT has come to us, protected and preserved by tradition.


What is Shaktipat Initiation ? ( Awakening Kundalini  )

Shaktipat is natural phenomena like flowing water from mountain to valley. there are two conditions, first condition is that there should be mountain with water resources and second condition is that there should be valley which is empty.


Same way when we talk about shaktipat there are mountain means a Master full of energy ( which he had achieved through many years of Practice ) and there should be valley means seeker who is empty and ready to receive. if both match then shaktipat occurs.


Every one is Equal –  No King No Citizen

In Hindu terminology it is said that we all are same made of god matter and there will be no difference  between them. same way master is person who is flowing the energy from him to seeker. he is not special but he is just a medium of god.


Shaktipat is protection

In power generator too much power generated but we are not in a position to save this power then this generate power will find his own way and start damaging generator. same way when any one carry any spiritual activities then prana ( God Energy ) start moving and generating in body but if we don’t know to control it then it will damage something. Indian yogis know this fact and so they decided to control it by way of shaktipat. Shaktipat is a protection from gods unlimited energy flow coming in big mass, shaktipat will let it come by systematic ways so that it will not damage and will benefit the seeker.


Shaktipat Initiation Session in Kitchener – Waterloo -Toronto

When the students are ready with basic practice and clear about the method and concept of kundalini yoga they will ask master to bless with shaktipat. Master will check them and on the basis of their level master will decide day and time for Kundalini awakening.

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