Shaktipat Guru

Shaktipat is the process of awakening divine energy in the student by using his own divine energy by Guru. Assume if any one tells you to generate movement in your stomach by your own will. generally it is not possible to do so as we don’t have a control on all the system of body.

Divine Energy System

This is the same energy which is there in all of us and we are living due to this energy only. it is a natural energy still it have a proper system which is very easy to understand. Energy can not be understood by just rading scriptures, or by just listing or discussing thoughts. it is possible by doing mere practice on the path shown by guru.

Shaktipat Guru

Shaktipat Guru is the person who had walked on the path and experienced all the experiences of this path. first he had learn to control and increase his own energy by spending too much time on practicing. after certain years of practice he have a control on his own divine energy and now He can start with increasing and controlling other’s energy which is actually possible through only grace of his master. Once he Gets a grace of master he can perform kundalini initiation on students.

we are performing this shaktipat initiation or kundalini initiation process each month in toronto. there are certain rules and regulations to start with initiation process which everyone have to follow. to know how to receive blessings of shaktipat from Shaktipat Guru you can send email to or join us in our meditation gathering.

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