What is Meditation? ( Meditation for Energy )


Meditation is a mental, physical, and spiritual method for relaxing the restlessness of the mind and freeing it from anxiety and stress. In other way, it aims for the attaining of peace of mind, inner enjoyment and spiritual awakening.



Benefits of meditation:


1.True wisdom is borne by meditation so without being stuck into the superstitions and illusions, life can be lived rightly and peacefully.


2. Meditation brings peace, happiness, inner prosperity so life becomes loving.


3. Meditation makes mind peaceful, pure, pious and stainless. Person becomes able to take right decision at the right time.


4. Regular meditation purifies body and removes incurable diseases of body like b.p, sugar, diabetes, gas gradually.


5. Chemicals which are responsible for fatigue and worry are reduced from the body. The proportion of lactic acid which is related with fatigue and worry is significantly reduced. So person feels peace of mind.


6. Alpha waves are dominant in the meditation doing person and even after meditation spell these waves are on in the brain. Alpha waves are generally found among the people who feel peace of mind.


7. Inner-awareness is increased by meditation. Negative and wrongful thoughts of mind are discarded. Psychological disease like fear, depression etc. are removed and positive mental attitude is achieved.


8. Meditation burns off stored piles of deeds of number of past lives. Life becomes joyful, holy and blessed and the process of liberation starts from the bondage of deeds (karma).


9. Energy is increased by meditation by which mind and body is cultivated. Physical stability is achieved.


10. By increasing energy diseases of others can be healed and we can make them diseases-free by energy therapy.


11. By doing meditation coiled serpent power (“Kundalini”) is awakened and it burns off deeds (karma) of number of past lives. Autonomous inner wisdom takes place in the disciple and his life becomes divine, brilliant, illuminated and joyful.


12. Self-realization is achieved by doing regular meditation.


Note: Results can vary for each individual depending upon the discipline, consistency and devotion. we are here for the guidance purpose only.


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