Meditation and Depression

Meditation and Depression are two opposite words where one is problem and one is solution.

Depression – ” Ultimate Result of Increased Power of Mind”

Depression is a result of increase control by mind. when a person is in depression his mind moves very fast and many thoughts will come at same time which he is not capable of handling. each thought will generate feeling of comfortableness and makes life like hell.


It is a mental or physical process of feeling sadness by anyone. in normal way of life short depression comes and it will go. this is a continuous process no one can stop it and even it is simply impossible. depression is positive if it is for short time but if it is for long time then we need to take care.

Meditation  – “Ultimate solution to slow down mind”

Meditation is a tool by which thought will not be stopped but its impact will be decreased. meditation will train mind to not to force thought on person which is generally the case is. When a mind power increase then he will have many thoughts and even a person is not able to understand that on which he need to focus on and on which not. a person will be on dilemma where he is not able to react anything.


Meditation is exactly different thing where a person have to be there with thoughts but will not affect a person is same way. mind will do his work which means creating thoughts and person will do his work as watching and enjoying thoughts. someone find it difficult to understand in theory and but when he starts doing it he will get experience so that he need not to understand.


How to do meditation ?


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