Master Vibhakarji

Vibhakar Pandya Master( Guru ) of Shaktipat – Kundalini Awakening


A Scientist Master (Guru) of Spiritual Science


Siddhyogi Shree Vibhakarbhai Pandya is a science graduate. In this avatar , naturally the yoga started at the tender age of three years. In this tender age, the mystic experiences started to him. He had astral vision from birth.  At the age of 12 year, his beloved younger sister Gita died suddenly. He could not accept the death of her beloved sister. He asked all elder relatives, “Where did my sister go?” They replied, “To the house of God.” He again asked, “Why did God called my sister only? I am elder than my sister. My turn should be first than the same of her.” But all elders seemed to be ignorant. They could not answer. He could not accept that an unknown force can snatch the life of a person. As Newton had a question, “Why does an apple fall to the ground? Why does it not go upward?” Such question made him work for discovery of the law of gravitation. Similarly guruji had the question, “What is after the death?”


With such very keen quest at heart, he visited several places in India and Nepal, in the search of truth. During his journey across India and Nepal he contacted many saints, sages and mahatmas . Whoever told him to assist about meeting her sister, he stayed with such gurus for weeks, months and practiced yogic sadhana under direct guidance. As a basic student of science he studied all the aspects of life. He analyzed them scientifically. Not only studied, but he also practiced all the aspects of yoga-science under direct guidance of the relevant gurus. After these studies, he did not stop with his own study and application for his own cause. He started an integrated scientific method of sadhana (the method to self realization ). This unique course-15 programmes consist of 6 – years duration. Guruji was giving direct guidance to each disciples during the course of meditation and yoga. He was arranging the meditation programmes in India at many places .


After him Shri vishalbhai is following same path and guiding students in meditation and kundalini.

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