Kundalini Yoga

What is Kundalini ?

Kundalini Definition

The presiding deity of this process, Bhagawati (Goddess) Kundalini resides between the third and fourth vertebrae of our back-bone or vertebral column (spinal cord). There also is established the icon (Linga) of Lord Shankara; the spouse of the Goddess, Bhagawati Kundalini, in the form of a serpent, makes three and a half coils around this Shiv Linga (the icon of Lord Shankara). Under normal circumstances the serpent form of Bhagawati Kundalini is at peace and is restful.


The picture of Yogini (Ascetic: Feminine gender) Kundalini shows a triangle of Shiva (the Munificent and Benevolent) on top and an inverted triangle of Jiva (Spouse of Shiva) at the base. The union and fusion of Shiva and Jiva (Kundalini) creates the ultimate bliss and provides Self-realization. Thus when the inverted triangle of Muladhara or Root Chakra from end of spine, ascends to meet Shastrar or Crown or Coronal Chakra on top of the head, self-realization results. In the picture there appears a break between the Manipur or Navel Chakra and the Anahata or Heart or Cardiac Chakra in the Sushumna Nadi. This discontinuity in Sushumna is a major obstacle in the path of seekers. In the language of Yoga, this is the ocean of desires or Bhavsagar. Those who transcend this ocean are the saints. Stating otherwise, only saints qualify to cross this vicious ocean with their selflessness of this discontinuity in sushumna.


After the existence of Kundalini was discovered, efforts were made to awaken it. Modifications were made in the fields of Mantra, Tantra, Hathayog, Jnanyoga, Bhaktiyoga and Mantrayoga. Research and deep study in various fields and numerous practitioners pointed at the eternal truth that the source of life or soul resides in all living beings and its various attributes grow from birth to death. The soul makes progress from one incarnation to the other. Even without any Worship (Pooja) or chanting of hymns or meditation on chosen gods, a person can attain Moksha eternal bliss or deliverance after one million years. After this period the individual soul (Atma) merges into the universal (Paramatma). However, if the human chooses the path of worship (Pooja) & chanting of hymns or meditations, he can attain Moksha in a span of three lives. We all wish a still speedier path to deliver us, -within one life, this present incarnation itself. This is a common desire. However, we need not despair. Lord Krishna in the song celestial ‘Gita’ has assured that these who practice yoga with the intent of seeking deliverance, if they are not able to reach their desired goal in this life, He will give them rebirth (next incarnation) in such families, where they can complete their course.

How Kundalini Can awakened ?

Particular music, meditation, Kundalini mantra intense activity of particular kind, death of near & dear ones, unexpected loss in business or mental shock may arouse Kundalini and awaken it. This sudden and unplanned awakening of Kundalini may provide evidence in the form of celestial music or certain visions but these remain transitory and impermanent. Guru’s grace alone can bless the seeker with permanency. On the other hand, the sudden uncontrolled awakening may result in physical and mental deprivation.


A complex nerve system dominates the spinal cord. The principal among them are the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala Nadis. Whereas the Sushumna Nadi runs in the centre of the spinal cord, the Ida moves from the left and the Pingala from the right. The Ida and Pingala interlace each other, around the Sushumana, as they move up the spinal column.

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Is Awakening kundalini dangerous ?

If the Kundalini, for some reason, enters the Pingala, then clairvoyance makes the person visualize many of his past lives (incarnations). Many a times, a person may lose his mental balance due to such visions, as he does not have ready explanation for these queer phenomenon- strange and difficult to understand. The   aim   of  this   site  is   to   spread   awareness   about   various phenomenon that may accompany Kundalini awakening and how to get over them. The site also aims at teaching the correct methodology to be followed, the processes and procedures for propitiating Kundalini and making it beneficent for us.

Power given by god but remain underutilized

Man does not utilize even ten percent of the powers, granted to him by nature, during his life time. Even psychologists and medical experts agree that we do not make use of even ten percent of our mental faculties. Even a man working twenty hours a day may be utilizing barely ten percent of God’s gift to us. This obviously means that ninety percent of this gift goes underutilized. Therefore, we must explore ways and means to utilize this big store of energy and power. We must benefit from this big store house of un accessed prowess. We must unearth these powers and find answers so as to be able to put such energies to the benefit of ourselves and, therefore, the mankind.

Path may be like Christianity, Hinduism but Destination is Common

There are many paths to reach a particular destination. Also, there are many approaches to reach a defined goal, so there are numerous paths to reach God. Kundalini awakening is a simple method to attain bliss. This is a half way station, which can be easily developed to reach the ultimate. Under the guidance of a Capable Guru, this is possibly the fastest means to progress in the desired direction.


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