Kundalini Master Vishal Pandya

Kundalini Master ( Guru ) Vishal Pandya




Guruji is a Siddhyogi master. He invited one of best soul from astral world and gave birth to Balayogi Vishalbhai. At the time of birth even his kundalini was already awakened. Guruji honed up his spiritual skills and trained him to be a siddhyogi master. He had started blessing Kundalni Awakening initiation ( Shaktipat ) to seekers at at the age of 17 year. from that time onwards he is arrangig several programmes in Canada and India. By education, he had finished MBA, PGDIRHRM. guruji showered all practical knowledge of Siddhyoga to Vishalbhai. Vishalbhai also dedicated himself and worked hard to be a link in siddhyoga tradition.




Any how, very little can be described through words about such a great personality, we recommend to disciples about directly meeting him and learning the various aspects of life. Currently he is in Canada and doing activities of meditation and blessing shaktipat to many people from Canada and America (USA).



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