Kundalini Healing

Kundalini Healing

Kundalini itself is a independent energy and it will work in your body anyway whether you believe in it or not. When a Kundalini Awaken then first and foremost work that she had to do is cleansing a body and mind. it will try to remove all the impurity that any one have.

Kundalini Healing will start automatically as and when a person is there in spiritual Condition like meditation, Prayer, Chanting or sleeping with meditation effect.

Precondition for Kundalini Healing

  • Kundalini must be awakened in that person before kundalini energy start healing.

  • A person have full faith in the energy so that it can work Very well. The more faith a person have the more benefit he can get.

 For getting more information how a healing can be initiated please contact us. we are arranging many programmes on meditation and healing. you can take part in to that and get benefited which is totally free.

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