Kundalini Dangers

Kundalini Dangers

Anything is dangerous if we use anything more than average.


If above sentence is right and you believe in that then only please read ahead.


Kundalini is no way dangerous but when people use it in unexpected and unsystematic way then it is dangerous. People are doing many thing which they don’t know but it will awaken kundalini energy indirectly or they do certain thing directly to awaken kundalini energy. In both cases there will be Awakening of energy is confirmed but after awakening what to take care they don’t know and then they feel different divine vibration in body which is because of the above process.


Just try to understand that when you are driving fast you must have a superb control over car otherwise you will damage your self as well as others. same way when a person doing too much activity related to spirituality it will awaken kundalini any way at this point one need to understand that all this experiences he is getting because of the activity that he had done and it is good. just need to control then there will be no kundalini danger involved in to that.

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