Kundalini Book

This book provides compact and comprehensive introduction of kundalini energy. The person who is yogi in his previous births, then in this current birth his kundalini is awakened automatically without any sadhana or efforts. Vibrations and Oscillations occur to him during religious acts like Praying, Deva-Darshana (Worshipping in presence of Deity), Aarati (The Ceremony of waving small lamps before deities) etc.



The Lord Ganesha, Shiva Linga (The Phallus form of Lord Shiva), Cobra, Water, etc is
visualized to him. At this time, one should interpret these experiences as the process of awakening of Kundalini. At this time, uneducated persons are robbed by the astrologers or bhuvas (the worshippers in the temple of goddess) because they believe such things as the possession by ghosts, an evil spirit, manes–ancestors, obstruction, cobra-fault, etc. While
educated persons think these as mental illness and is trapped to dangerous treatments like electric shock treatment. Actually, they should go to siddhyogi (the master) and should get guidance from him. This small book provides enough understanding about yoga science
in this regard by enlisting 112 symptoms of awakening of kundalini.

It is really helpful for showing true path by guiding the person who is yogi in his past birth, and who is among approximately forty persons per thousand persons in society.


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