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Free Shaktipat -Toronto


Shaktipat is the natural process in Spiritual World.

Master Vishal Pandya has a over 15 years of personal experience with Many of the masters from India. he is born and bought up in the family where already Environment of meditation and yoga Exists. His Father is a siddhyogi and blessed many of students with shaktipat.



It is a law of nature that when ever you have real scarcity then the thing you are looking to will come to you directly.



Kundalini is a divine energy and it stays in the fourth body called karan sharira. as and when we are connected with the mother nature in any way it will take you to the kundalini awakening process but we dont know that this process will take how long.



if this is so then it will be a problem as we dont know the result anyway and that’s why there is a process called shaktipat which is referred as a transmission of spiritual energy from master to desciple.



Ongoing classes with Guruji shri vishalbhai are conducted on saturday and sunday. in this classes you will come to know that how to do meditation and basic explanation on shaktipat and as and when you start doing meditation regularly you will be going towards getting to the path of receiving shaktipat.



First time students must have to understand the total meditation system and then they can start with shaktipat blessings if master is giving permission to them to sit in shaktipat process.



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