This site is for providing information to all who are on path of yoga or everyone.


All information inserted in site by site owner are the solely view of its author and it must not be taken as a final or ultimate authority on any included topic.



All the information and system that is shown here on site is not any way substitution for any medical information, Psychological diagnosis, or psychological counselling. Please strongly follow your medical counsellors instructions whether you are doing this or not.


Anyone have any concern related to their fitness to practice meditation then they should consult their registered medical practitioner or professional counsellor.



Anyone have pre-existing medical or psychological condition then they must take professional registered medical practitioner advice that may be in any way affected by meditation practice.


A initiator will do everything and best at his level but still not guarantee is given that initiation ill be effective or not.


There will be no responsibility of site owner for the effects of meditation in shaktipat or Kundalini awakening initiation on the student or individual..


Any one have slightest doubt whether these practices will cause physical or psychological harm or any type of harm then one should not use them.


Initiation will carry many experiences of physical and/ or psychological reactions, but if one decided to discontinues practice these responses can be lessened or nullified by ceasing practice and ingnoring experiences. Depensing on many factors there events may continue for some time or after the initiation whether the candidate wants them or not. It is a part of Kundalini yoga system if you do no want them happen then don’t seek initiation.



One should do research on Kundalini awakening experiences, sign, symptoms and try to understand it fully as accuracy not guaranteed.  It is assumed by site owner that who ever come for initiation they must had done research and then taking initiation. There will be not responsibility of site owner any way.

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