Kundalini is source of universal energy. The true awakening of kundalini will not Occur by own will but by the grace of god it can happen anytime. When a student is practicing for attainment of enlightenment at that time his body mind and soul will become stable. Once all these three factors will start stabling then it will happen any time naturally by direct influence by god or indirect way like you will find some one who can bless Shaktipat and then more important you will be ready to take awaken kundalini process.


It is the safest way of awaken kundalini which is called Shaktipat Initiation.


Steps to start Kundalini Awakening Process.


1. Read all scriptures of yoga which specifically directed towards kundalini.


2. Initially you may not able to understand what is written over there in book. as everything goes top of the head still try to complete reading.


3. Don’t think negative or positive about the scripture just try to focus on what you have to do. start doing meditation irrespective of what you mind is telling you.


4. once you start meditation you are now eligible for the Master ( guru ) just keep a eye on everything going on with you. as time passes you will find a perfect guru by the grace of god. guru will come to you once you are eligible.


5. Once you found him try to shoot questions what ever you have. test him and once he pass your test then surrender yourself to him for spiritual attainment. in western country surrendered is a big thing but in eastern country it is very important and natural for all.


6. Once you are ready to be as true disciple and have a basic understanding of total yoga system which is accepted by mother nature then guru will be ready to bless you with shaktipat or naturally kundalini awakening will start in you. Please refer the Kundalini Symptoms given on this site. you will find many symptoms out of that as a result of kundalini awakening.


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